Update : 17.09.2004

Kaay's Events


October 2001

Kaay has been operated on his stomach at the end of this month. Because of the serious reflux it was necessary to do something about it. The doctors did a fundoplicatie by the method of Nissen. A non- professional  clarification is that they fasten the stomach on his oesophagus. Kaay stayed a week in the hospital. 

February until June 2001

Serious pain seizure kept Kaay from sleeping and ended in the hospital. After along period they discovered on a EEG lot of epileptic activity. After starting a trail period with the medicine Depakine the 'pain'  seizure didn't return. Kaay started to grow and showed more attention for his surroundings. The vomiting was still there. A medical examination proved a high acid level in his oesophagus.